In the past bullying was more physical and one was only bullied if he was physically together with the bully. Due to the advanced technology, there is a rise in cyber bullying where one is harassed or stalked through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You do not have to suffer in silence in case you are going through cyberbullying as you will be able to stop it using one of the following means:

Confide in someone

It is not right to fear speaking up in case you are being bullied. Look for an adult you can trust and share what you are going through in the hands of the bully. Fearing what others will say if they come to know of what has been ongoing will only make the situation worse as the bully will not stop unless someone intervenes.

Keep the evidence

Cyberbullying is a criminal offense and should be reported as soon as possible. If you delete the messages or the photos that the stalker has been sending you, you will not have any evidence to prove your case in case you choose to report to the authorities.

Block the bully

Instead of trading words with the bully or giving him the feeling that he has complete control over you, block him and deny him access to all your social media platforms. When you do this, he will not have a way of reaching you and the bullying will automatically stop.

Avoid posting too much private information on social media

If you are able to avoid posting sensitive information on social media, you will be able to avoid cyberbullying as those who are engaged in such acts will have nothing to use. You can also keep your profile private such that only those that are close to you will be able to see what you post.

Regardless of how much it is tempting to bully back, do not get tempted. You can never solve evil with evil and doing this will make you just like the cyber bullies.