Bullying is one of the problems that are likely to have a lasting impact on the life of the person being bullied. If he is a student, his performance will move from bad to worse and for the adults, it will affect their self-confidence and this will make them unable to do things they would comfortably do in the past. Below are some of the means you can adapt to stop bullying:

Identify bullying

When you are able to differentiate being rude and intentional cruelty, it will be possible to stop the vice. It would be unfair to regard all rude behaviors as bullying as this will make the people who are going through actual bullying not to get help on time.

Build a relationship with children

As an adult, you need to create an atmosphere where a child will find it easy to confide in you in case he is being bullied. Show the children that you are interested in their welfare so that if anyone is bullying them, they will be sure that you are there to provide the needed solution.

Every day, spare some time so that the children under your care can relate what was happening to them throughout the day. It will help you to detect bullying on time before the situation gets out of hand and then take the necessary action.

Report bullying to the relevant authorities

If you notice any form of bullying, either directed to you or another person, it is important to report to the relevant authorities. It is wrong to tolerate bullying due to fear of being labeled as a weakling or that you will be denied some of the privileges that you enjoy such as the use of a mobile phone.

Bullying back is never a solution to bullying and crying is not a solution either. If you are unable to tell the person bullying you to stop, the best option will be to walk away from him and let the authorities know what is going on. You should also ensure that you are never alone in places where the bullying goes on. Look for a friend to walk with you or use an alternative route where the bullies will not be able to get you.