Bullying will make you lose your self-worth, feel as though no one cares about you, and make you see as though you are incomplete. This should not be the case as the bully is only interested in getting someone to harm in every way.

If you are being bullied in school, you will dread waking up in the morning to go to school, and if it is cyberbullying, you will be afraid of accessing your social media platforms. You do not have to live in fear as we have great tips on how you will overcome bullying

Keep your confidence

 A bully is after making you lose your confidence and your sense of dignity. If you are able to maintain this and avoid bullying back, he will most likely look for a weaker person to bully. You will be able to maintain your confidence by staying close to people who matter to you. If you are a child, ensure that you do not go through the bullying alone. Tell your teachers and your parents as well as they know the best way of dealing with bullying.

Stay away from bullies

If there is a way you will be able to avoid crossing paths with the bully, do it.  You can choose to take a different path, change your contact details, or even reschedule your way of doing things. You do not have to endure bullying if there is a way to stay away from it. If you are in the same class in school with the bully, you can talk to your teacher to have the sitting position changed.

Never play the victim

If a bully keeps making fun of you, laugh it off with the others. If they are sarcastic in their complement, appreciate and move on. You can also choose to ignore anything offensive that the bully says about you.

The bully’s main intention is to make you feel inferior and if they fail to do this, they will feel the embarrassment themselves. With time, they will look for another victim when they discover that none of their tricks will work on you.